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Our Consultants will work with you to understand your organisational goals and objectives to discover the perfect training or performance solution to meet your needs.


We analyse your training or performance requirements, using our very own systematic approach. We identify the most appropriate delivery methods and create a solution that best fits your needs: keeping your team fully engaged.


Our Systematic Approach uses industry recognised methodology, including Proton Training's own Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) which ensures the golden thread from start to finish.


Other services include:

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the foundation for a learning or training process, which is performed to see if a learning or training solution will solve a business problem.


TNA forms the building blocks to which all subsequent Training Design and Development activities are built upon.


Organisations and managers will often call a performance problem a training problem, therefore you must ensure learning or training solutions will fix the problem or if a different performance solution is required.

Training Design

Agreeing learning needs, Create learning objectives, Identify appropriate learning methods, delivery solutions and assessments from the analysis outputs.

TNA identifies:


  • The desired business need or result.

  • If a learning process will fulfil the desired business need.

  • Performance requirements that supports desired business outcome.

  • What must be learned.

  • The standards of performance.

  • How the learning process will occur.

  • Who needs to improve their performance.